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I had numbness in my feet, stinging, burning and shooting pain for 3 or 4 months. This pain affected my sleep – I could not sleep! And because the pain would come and go, I never knew when it would hit me and when the pain came it affected everything I was doing day or night. Since coming to Dr. Childs and Dr. Durr, THE PAIN HAS GONE AWAY. I now am sleeping normally and feel much better. The office here is very professional and they DO A GREAT JOB TAKING CARE OF ME.

Before coming to Dr Childs and Dr Durr, my son had been diagnosed with ADHD and Asperger’s and had significant behavioral issues for several years. We went to several doctors, tried many programs – anything to improve the situation. We tried EVERY MEDICINE. Absolutely NOTHING IMPROVED his behavior problems. We had problems at school, lack of attention, underperforming, no focus. We were OUT of OPTIONS. Then we heard of Dr. Childs and Dr, Durr. We have been coming here for some time and are now in Phase II of the Treatment. Our son has done ‘a 180′ in lifestyle. He tested positive for gluten, and now is gluten-free and we noticed an IMMEDIATE difference. He takes supplements now, we do excersizes both here in the office and at home. He has experienced a MAGNIFICENT CHANGE – IMPROVEMENT. After all these years with the struggle of ADHD, I have now gotten to meet this little person. THANK YOU Dr. Childs and Dr. Durr.

I fell on the ice in February 2016 and was diagnosed with a concussion. I could not walk, I was hyper-sensitive to light and sounds, I could not drive and I was in pain and had headaches ALL THE TIME. I couldn’t do anything. I could not work. I stayed in a dark bedroom with no noise. I went to a neurologist who prescribed Physical Therapy (???). The PT Clinic said they could do nothing for me. Since coming to Dr. Childs, I have NO HEADACHES. I can function in my house. My hyper-sensitivity has improved, I can walk and can do anything I want to. I can now get back out and do the things that I want to!

I was disagnosed with Meniere’s Disease 7 years ago. I suffered with very bad pressure and pain in my ears and also was dizzy all the time. I went to 5 medical doctors who only prescribed drugs – I was on Klonopin for 6 years. I was not getting better. I also had IBS with constipation for 15 yrs! I was hospitalized for that and the MD’s prescribed drugs also. I suffered with irritability, frustration and drove my family to their wits end. This affected my whole life. Then I came to CORRECTIVE CHIROPRACTIC and NEUROLOGY. Since my treatments, the EAR PRESSURE and PAIN are GONE! Dizziness – GONE. NO Meds anymore. My IBS-C is corrected. No MEDS anymore. My life has CHANGED! I love coming here. Thank you Dr. Childs and Dr. Durr

I had vertigo, balance issues, dizziness and nausea off and on for years. I went to several MD’s (and the hospital) and took drugs and nothing helped. Then in April 2016, all the problems returned and never stopped. Vertigo and dizziness affected EVERY part of my life. I couldn’t drive, go to the store, do housework or go to events. The ONLY PEACE I got when I was SLEEPING. Then I got lucky, a friend saw Dr. Childs on Facebook and I called and made my first appointment. WOW, since starting with Dr. Childs, EVERYTHING HAS IMPROVED – EVERYTHING. During my first appointment with Dr. Childs, I asked him to give me my life back and he did just that- GAVE ME MY LIFE BACK. The doctors and staff here are professional, caring, and personal with one goal – to make us well again. Thank you.

I had foot nerve pain for 2 years and went to many MD’s (and specialists) – nobody could help me. My whole life was affected, hard to walk (if at all), no time at the gym, no sleep, depressed, difficulty at work, LOTS OF STRESS. I found Dr. Childs’ and Dr. Durr’s website and decided to give them a try. Since starting their program, everything is better! My foot nerve pain has reduced 60%, I am finally sleeping, and have much less depression and stress!!

IMPORTANT NEUROPATHY INFORMATION! Mary was suffering from Neuropathy that along with numbness and tingling was affecting her balance and walking. Her Neuropathy was limiting her for over 2 YEARS. After our Neuropathy Relief Program she had these incredible results to report. “I was having BIG problems with Neuropathy for over 2 years that affected my balance and walking. Now, since this care, I don’t have Neuropathy anymore and I’m off the Lyrica!”

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