Fibromyalgia Testimonials

“I was injured in 1987 and since then, I have had chronic pain mostly in my back and legs. I also had headaches sometimes. The pain affected everything I did and prevented me from doing many things. Since coming to see Dr. Durr and Dr. Childs, MY PAIN IS GONE. I feel like a new person and have gone back to work. AND…I can lift my Grandson!

“For about 8 – 9 years, I suffered with Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Herniated Discs. These problems affected every part of my life. I was in pain all the time and had difficulty doing every day things. Since coming to Corrective Chiropractic, EVERYTHING has improved. In weeks the PAIN RESOLVED. I have returned to doing things I have been unable to do for 8-9 yrs. Dr. Durr and Dr. Childs have made a HUGE impact on my life.”

When I came to Dr Durr, I had severe thyroid issues, fibromalgia, degenerative joint disease, asthmatic bronchitis for 10-30yrs, I was in bed, taking more and more pain killers, but NOW with Dr. Durr – everything has improved, my fibroimyalgia and thyroid issues have almost completely resolved, I have gone back to work and I am happy AND I LOST 25 POUNDS!!

3-1/2 months with Dr. Durr and Dr. Childs, 5 yrs of immobilizing neck and arm pain from herniated discs was GONE

“I was in pain for 30 years, I am now virtually pain free thanks to Dr. Childs and Dr. Durr

“I have a better attitude because I’m out of pain and get more sleep!”

“I feel as though I am getting my life back “

Carol Butler

I was living a normal, busy life until things suddenly changed in Sept. 2003. I couldn’t get out of bed that morning. I had never experienced such extreme exhaustion and my muscles and joints hurt so badly that I didn’t know what to do. After several test, (3 Lymes tests, heart tests and more) I was diagnosed with a mixed Connective Tissue Disease and started on many medications. My hair fell out, the aches and pains intensified and I was dizzy all the time. After 6 mths they stopped treatment and diagnosed me with an Immune Deficiency. After 18 mths of  unsuccessful treatment, I was diagnosed with an inflammatory muscle disease. It was ironic that I was now facing the same fate as the patients I took care of. This led to more medications. I was now walking with a cane most days. One day one of my new doctors told me she thought I also had Fibromyalgia. I thought, “that’s great, another diagnosis with NO CURE!” They said I was I was probably as good as I was going to get. I felt they were giving up on me. I was willing to try anything to feel better. I just wanted to be functional and live without pain. Then one day my mother showed me an ad for Corrective Chiropractic and their cure for fibromyalgia. I made an appointment and found that I had all the signs of Fibromyalgia and also had scoliosis and later learned that poor spinal health could lead to illness. After 4 weeks of treatment I could feel a difference. I felt less tired and was standing up straight for the first time in 3 years. This was amazing to me. My family and friends started to notice that I was looking and feeling better too. When I went to see my Rheumatologist she said that Dr. Childs and Dr. Durr had done more for me than they had over the past 5 yrs. I no longer have the constant aches and pains, my dizziness is gone and I am sleeping better. And no more cane. All of my medical doctors are very happy with how I am doing and I give Dr. Durr and Dr. Childs all the credit. They gave me hope and they delivered. I feel as though I am getting my life back .                                                              

Carol Butler

I’m off my medication and my headaches are gone!

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I can walk without my walker!

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I feel better and I’m much more pleasant to be around!

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